Monday, 14 November 2011

One girl. Many worlds.

See, I don't really know where to start.
I can begin the crap about my name, my age, my hobbies...
But why should I? Probably because I don't know anything to say right now.
Well, fine, I'll tell you something about myself. I'm a 17 year old girl (17.5 to be precise). So that's it, no more info. No, really. I really don't... Oh fine! I live for music, whenever there's still music somewhere on this planet it's worth living for. Except if it's that throat-ripping they call metal or that ear-gnawing kind they call 'smartlap'. *shivers*
I also live for stories. I love reading books, I also like writing my own books. ;) I've got more than ten and none of them is finished. It's not because I'm lazy (actually I am) but because the stories are so complicated and extensive that it takes a lot of time finishing them all. I often switch between writing, one month I continue with that story and the next month I begin writing an other story again.
I've grown a lot in these past years, yes also in length but also in my abilities and thinking. If I compare the chapters of a story I wrote three years ago to one I've just recently started it's a world of difference. My knowledge of the english language has grown and my stories are easier to read and they have a much better construction. I can't remember the exact moment I started writing but I do remember that the people I've shown my stories to have always been very supporting and positive about them. I really can't wait until one of my stories is finally done!
I've started this blog to tell about my life, but I just got the idea of posting things my stories here. They are a big part of my life after all. Every story has its own world and those worlds live in my head every day. Almost every day I have new ideas, sometimes too much to handle.
The most beautiful about writing is that the worlds you create are entirely yours. You determine what seas and what lands exist. You decide what kind of people live there. You decide their dreams, their thoughts, their actions. You control who they love and who they hate. you control who lives and who dies. You control every single action in that world. Every single one of these worlds is a part of me, so I'm never really alone.
When I write I see the world through the eyes of the main character, I become the main character. It's a feeling I can't describe. This may sound all cheesy to you, maybe not. It's still the truth for me.
Anyways before I become totally lost in all of my worlds I still have to do something in this one, namely finish this blog.

I hope you enjoyed it.

How do we show our thoughts? How do we show ourselves to the world? Who are we?
We are words, not war.

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