Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Time is a river

Time is a river,
flowing endlessly,
filled with rocks and turns.
For it controls its uncontrollable self.
Time is fluid,
like a window
sinking slowly.
It's there but it's not.
Time is nothing
and everything.
It goes
and it stays.
The past still goes on.
In the present and future.
Time is a line,
while it covers everything as a blanket.
Time is a word,
given to something,
far beyond understanding.

- Louise Wolff -

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Don't Say Goodbye

These lyrics on It's gonna be - Norah Jones were written for my dying friend. She passed this morning.

Don't say goodbye

Don't you think it's overrated
cause through all these years I've made it,
Now you stop calling me crazy
I've been living life for me

and all you talk about is this
when I wanna talk about that
So shut up and listen to me
I'm not gonna say this again

Don't say goodbye
Don't say goodbye
Cause I'm not leaving
Don't say goodbye

Doesn't matter where I'm at
I'm still me, that's that
doesn't matter where I've been
you are all still acting the same

And still it doesn't matter
how many breaths I took
all that matters are the moments
taking my breath away

Don't say goodbye
you wanna know why
cause I'll be sunbathing
in heaven

Why do they say
They say goodbye
But I'm not leaving
I'm not leaving

Don't say goodbye
Don't say goodbye
Just say you love me

Rest in Peace Brenda, we love you.

Friday, 2 December 2011

How does one die?

How does one die?

As an old man, waiting for the end, Accepting that there is nothing more to change?
Sitting down for a minute and never standing up again?
Throwing down your sword and armour and accepting the fact that you have done enough?
Having cold steel driven through your body and wondering if it was all really worth it?
Watching the world disappear with nobody noticing?
Floating downwards into the darkness, feeling everything slipping away, together with your will to fight?

How does one die?

Young, careless, still beautiful when you enter the grave?
As a sacrifice for the greater good, when you don't know what happens after you're gone?
Falling down trying to grasp the meaning of it all?
Giving up without knowing you're only ten yards away from the road back?
Grasping for every ounce of light when your future is still in the dark?
Graceful with the knowledge that your sacrifice saves the world as you know it?

How does one die?

Alone, with no-one left to say goodbye to?
Together, with people you just can't say goodbye to?
Blinded, by the light that's calling to a better place or stumbling through the dark, not knowing where you'll end up?
With your hands in the air, cursing the fact that you are in the wrong place at the wrong time or hoping that they don't know the plan that's furiously forming inside your head?
Throwing yourself in front of a stranger, whose innocence is unknown to you?
Throwing yourself in front of someone bad, just not being able to let someone die in front of your eyes?

Stabbed in the back, betrayed by the friend you once protected?

How does one die?

Afraid of what comes next?
Afraid of the darkness or the light?
Peaceful, with nothing left to stay for?
Sudden, without knowing it was time?
Slowly, knowing you can never go back?
Painful, wishing the cold darkness to come fast?
Silent, wondering if somebody even notices?
Running headfirst into a situation you can never get out again?
Angry, for the world has betrayed you?
Curious, because death is a mystery to be solved?
Smiling, because death is just another life to live?

How does one die?

One dies the death he has been living.